Regarding India Interview


Regarding India is series of video interviews with contemporary artists living and working in India. Initiated through a Fulbright Fellowship in 2011, the videos were created to contribute to Myers’s University of Connecticut course on Indian art. Reflective of a dynamic and diverse contemporary art scene during a decade of unprecedented and often volatile change, the interviews engage with aspects of Indian history, society, culture and current events through the creative work, experiences, and insights of artists. The series is ongoing and will eventually include over sixty interviews.

Regarding India has been produced, directed and edited by Kathryn Myers.

Support has come from the Fulbright-Nehru Foundation, The Connecticut Office of the Art, and the University of Connecticut. The edited videos and original footage are housed at the American Institute of India Studies Art and Archeology Center in Gurgaon, India.


Yamuna.Elbe Opening Lecture

YAMUNA.ELBE – Session I – Introduction – Ravi Agarwal (Artist and Environmentalist)

The Sewage Pond’s Memoir

The Sewage Pond’s Memoir
We seem to know nature as something outside us, as a deep experience. The separation makes us know nature as an ‘other’, a duality. But we all also know nature through our myths and memories. Post enlightenment nature has been understood as a set of scientific laws and theories, as an absolute. But as Bruno Latour says, we as social beings co-create ideas of nature. Sadly though today we increasingly know nature as a ‘resource’ to be exploited and plundered. The film is a reflection of all these, as a personal myth about water turning to sewage in a forest I helped protect.

Edinburgh Printmakers Nàdar/Prakriti Ravi Agarwal Scotland India environment ‘rewilding’

This exhibtion by Indian artist Ravi Agarwal explores the issues behind environmental enrichment and degredation and the similarities and differences between approaches to preservation and enhancement in both Scotland and India. More recently, there has been a movement in Scotland to rewild barren land and address further deforestation caused by wild deer there. Agarwal documents his work in India, both as an artist and an activist proposing and supporting environmental protection. He spent time at Edinburgh Printmakers, learning techniques and practices from skilled operators there. It is a marvellous exchange and worth seeing the exhibition and understanding the wider issues at stake. Nàdar/Prakiti until October 20 2018 Edinburgh Printmakers

Ravi Agarwal