The Power Plant: Fragments in Time

by Ravi Agarwal

Book Details

Photo book
Self-published, 2023
ISBN Number : 978-93-5980-372-2
112 pages with insert pages additional
Limited edition of 500


The desire for modernity towards an equitable future through technological means lies in ruins. Climate change and extinctions have become the debris of progress. This new book, a diary and photo document of a closed coal-fired power plant, is a testimony to a promise unfulfilled. The power plant was commissioned in the late-1950s in a newly independent India, following other mega technological projects. The culprit–– Coal, however, was also where childhood memories lay, in smoke-filled chullas and local coal depots. Intertwined experiences blur the boundaries of a polemic other, and become an inquiry into a complex, entangled life. The power plant resonated with the “sounds of another stillness”.

Photography Featured in this Book

Ravi Agarwal