Project Samtal Jameer, Samtal Jameen (Equal Terrains, Equal Selves) brings together a diverse group of participants to discuss and elaborate on a wide array of subjects centered on ecology, enviromentalism, research and art practices.

The project explores ideas of multispecies worlds to present a variety of understandings on what a multispecies world would look like based on the perspectives of the thinkers, academics, artists and activists contributing to this project.

More concretely, Samtal Jameer, Samtal Jameen (Equal Terrains, Equal Selves) “aims at a radical re-thinking of human and non-human relationships. It seeks to expand the idea of democracy and sustainability through understanding the complexity of such lived relationships and the idea of justice and agency in a multispecies world and the un-alienated life.”

The project has been developed and moderated by artist, curator and activist Ravi Agarwal and is comprised of 21+ conversations recorded on video where Agarwal engages with each of the participants in the project on a variety of topics and shared areas of interest and expertise. The project is also supported by a two-part print publication entitled Multispecies Speculations with a glossary titled Growing Lexicon, both consisting of 32 contributions by artists, curators, critics, art practitioners, academics and researchers.

The project branches further by presenting the work of the participants as it relates to Samtal Jameer, Samtal Jameen and the series of ideas, research and practices shared in common. Such work includes a page on each speaker, a bibliography of texts, works, photography, videos and other media relevant to this project, along with the 21+ conversations and print publication featured here.

Each conversation found on the project website reflects the critical and creative engagement of each participant as it relates to the themes, subjects and ideas that are central to Samtal Jameer, Samtal Jameen.

Ravi Agarwal