This panel discussion was a way for us to explore in greater detail some themes from our 2022 exhibition, ‘Echoes of the Land’. Held in Nov 2022 at Ojas Art in Delhi, the session ‘Invisible Web – Connecting India’s art, food and natural histories’ brought together the perspectives of historian Rana Safvi, environmental activist Bittu Sahgal and art collector Paul Abraham.

The panel was moderated by artist and environmental campaigner Ravi Agarwal.

Ravi Agarwal is a photographer, curator and Founder, Toxics Link; Rana Safvi is a historian, writer and Project Collaborator – Forgotten Foods; Bittu Sahgal is Editor, Sanctuary Asia and Founder, Sanctuary Nature Foundation; and Paul Abraham is President, Hinduja Foundation and Founder, Sarmaya Arts Foundation.

Ravi Agarwal