As part of Collab’s ongoing discourse pertaining the ecological dichotomy, curator Jesal Thacker invites Ravi Agarwal for an online presentation and conversation focusing on one of his extended and continuous project, ‘Else all will be Still’. The artist will take us through his artistic and ecological enquiry that began several years ago, as a nexus of encounters between the sea, the fisherman and the relationship between man and nature – can they co-exist ?

“Today, the planet is in an ecological crisis. It is framed as a conflict between economic development and the planet’s limit to support a growing and resource intensive human population. It is the age of the power of man, the Anthropocene, where human actions will determine the future of the earth. Nature has been reduced to an object which can only be ‘acted’ upon through it being ‘extracted,’ ‘admired,’ ‘enjoyed,’ etc. but not ‘lived’ with. The relationship is one of power.”

Ravi Agarwal