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Water contamination, air pollution, and resource scarcity—considerable environmental problems have come to threaten all large industrial nations around the world. Based on the concrete example of the South Indian city of Chennai, the exhibition project DAMned Art—Embrace Our Rivers questions the possible social and political significance and function of art. The public art project in Chennai, curated by the Indian eco-activist and artist Ravi Agarwal and the German exhibition organizer Florian Matzner, is a cooperation between European and Indian artists and brings together more than a dozen future-oriented projects relating to the topic of “art and ecology.” The accompanying publication presents these fascinating art projects.

Artists: Arunkumar HG, atelier le balto, Atul Bhalla, Rohini Devasher, Gram Art Project, Mischa Kuball, Layout Collective, Parvathi Nayar, Oooze und Marjetica Potrc, raumnlaborberlin, Gigi Scaria, Anna Witt, Suyeon Yun

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Ravi Agarwal